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Press Release

Date: July 27th, 2004

Beaumont Fire Grounds gets new operator and a new name.

Beaumont Emergency Services Training Complex,
a Division of ISTC

In its efforts to preserve and expand its mission statements core vision and values, the Industrial Safety Training Council has announced it has acquired the long term lease and management of the historic Beaumont Fire/Rescue Training Center. Russell Melancon Jr., President and CEO of the 13 year old safety training organization says “the petrochemical industry we represent is firmly behind this initiative as well as other various municipal fire and emergency services organizations. We believe we have the depth of experience, talent and long range vision for the firegrounds that will truly make the community proud to support our efforts”. Mr. Melancon went on to underscore the economic impact to the local community with industries and emergency personnel from all over the country utilizing hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and other area services. “Over the past eight years, the attendance at the school has dropped to half of what it used to be. ISTC’s intent is to bring that level back to where it was, and beyond. Renaming the Beaumont Fire/Rescue Training Center to the Beaumont Emergency Services Training Complex (BEST Complex), A Division of Industrial Safety Training Council will reflect a more aggressive marketing plan, focused at local, State, National and International customers. Fundamental objectives such as revamping most of the fire training projects and general facility upgrades is another priority.” Mr. Melancon also stated: “ISTC is looking forward to a smooth transition of the current services provided by Lamar University, and will be in contact with those companies that have scheduled classes as soon as possible.”

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